The Otterden Herd of

Oxford, Sandy & Black Pigs

Oxfords are a Hardy, Traditional Rare Breed, with an excellant taste and the most wonderful crackling.

They are also a very nice pig to work with, they make good mothers, with excellant temperaments.

A few years ago, there were only approx 200 sows left,  but they are recovering now, and there are now about 600.


There  are various Bloodlines of females within the breed,  at the moment we have :   2  Iris's,   1  Elsie, a  Mary and a Gloria

Also we have 2  Boar's, one an Alistair,  and  a Jack.




Sally and her babies

More Free Range than they should be !!!

logo escaped piglets Sally & piggies DSCN0666

Otterden Iris after her bath,

ready for showing.