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By Julie Murray, Dec 2 2018 11:02AM

Well the Turkeys are all sold already and it is only 2nd December.

The cattle are all indoors in the warm and dry, but the sheep are still outside running with the rams at the moment. It will be scanning time soon, to find out how many lambs we will be expecting.

We will not be doing the Farmers Market anymore in the New Year, as it just does not pay . Very sad, as we have done one for 15 years. But times change.

We have a new puppy called Brandy after our big bear Harley died from cancer.

By Julie Murray, Aug 2 2017 08:04AM

Well 2017 has been a similar year to 2016.

But we are now doing more outside Catering Events selling our own cooked Hot Dogs and Burgers.

Sheep numbers are at approx 220 ewes, cattle numbers are 25 Breeding Females, with a new Bull, Glenariff Goldcrest. and pig numbers are 8 Breeding Sows and 2 Boars.

We now have 4 lovely Grandchildren all waiting to come and help us on the Farm.

By Julie Murray, Feb 12 2016 01:49PM

Well Turkey time has come and gone now, and we are looking forward to the better weather and Lambing and Calving.

We have stopped having a Stall at Macknade Fine Foods, after 13 years of being there, it will seem strange for a while, but nice to have our Saturdays to ourselves. Our Pork is now in the Macknade Butchery counter instead.

WE will still be doing the monthly Farmers Markets at "The Best of Faversham" down Preston Street, on the 1st Saurday of the month. Hope to see you there.

By Julie Murray, Aug 25 2015 03:13PM

We are well into the summer now, and the Turkeys have arrived. Straw and Silage all in the barn, and we have had our fist calf today, the start of the Autumn Calving.

By Julie Murray, Nov 6 2014 01:35PM

Well it is now November, so nearly Christmas, dont forget to order your Turkey or other meats..

Free Range Pork, sausage, Gammon, Beef etc.

Also Hampers available.

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